Group of Students

Computer Education Classes

Our computer education classes provide training in various computer programs to update your skills; giving you an edge in the workplace and for effective use at home. Enroll at any time.

Students who successfully complete these programs will have skills needed for the 21st century.

Computer Skills

All of our software courses are classroom based yet are set up for self-paced learning. Students can enroll at any time.

Microsoft Office 2019 and 365 Class

  • Word (word processor)
  • Excel (spreadsheet)
  • PowerPoint (presentations)
  • Access (database)
  • OneDrive (online storage)
  • Google Drive (online storage) 
  • Online Safety
  • Resumes
  • Computer Basics (as needed)

Applied Digital Skills Class

  • G-Suite
    • Docs (word processor)
    • Sheets (spreadsheet)
    • Slides (presentations)
    • Google Drive(online storage)
    • G-Mail (email)
    • Hangouts (conversations/chats)
    • Forms (online surveys, quizzes, registration)
  • Online Safety
  • Job Search
  • Resumes
  • Computer Basics (as needed)